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Standing Stone Nubians is a boutique dairy goat farm located in Middle Tennessee,
specializing in raising and breeding happy, healthy registered Nubian goats with
high milk production that are people friendly. We offer year round Cheese Making workshops for every level cheese maker using both farm fresh cows milk, goats milk and store bought milk.

Nubians are quickly becoming the most sought after breed of goats due to their outstanding ability to produce sweet, rich tasting milk. Their milk contains a higher butterfat content as compared to other goat breeds. This added fat content is great for producing cheese, fudge, ice cream and butter.

We breed to maintain and improve our lines with an emphasis on producing correct, statuesque, feminine Nubians that milk quality, quantity and longevity.

Our current bloodlines include Lakeshore Farms,  Kastdemur, Goldthwaite, Price 'O' the Field, Pruittville, Voxwood and Kismet. Our goat's hail from State Woods Farm of Kentucky, Hagler Farm of Tennessee, Pruittville Farm of Louisiana and TLC-Farm of Texas.

All of our goats receive vaccinations for CD/T, Staph mastitis and pneumonia. All of our animals currently test free annually for CAE. We no longer test for TB as Tennessee is a TB-free state at this time. Breeding is done in a controlled manner to achieve the best we possibly can from the breed for both dairy and show.

The goats are fed free-choice Alfalfa/Orchard Grass hay, minerals, kelp meal and baking soda. We feed a varying ration, depending on each goat's needs, of an 18% dairy feed, beet pulp and soybean meal. We use BoSe injections as a source of selenium supplement as needed.

Our goats are currently registered with the American Dairy Goat Association under the herd name S-Stone Farms. Previously, our does were registered as S-Stone Four Winds, however, we quickly realized we needed more space for our names. My daughter, Jennifer Butler, began registering her own Nubians under the herd name of Trivium in 2009. Her goats will be maintained here on the farm and managed the same as the Standing Stone herd.

Standing Stone attended one show in 2013, the Music City Classic. Due to the popularity of our cheese making school we spend most every weekend teaching which has had a huge impact on our ability to attend shows. The Music City Classic was a great day. We took one senior doe and two junior does with great results. We won Senior Grand Champion and BOB in both rings with our senior doe, Sophia, which finished her championship. We also took Junior Grand Champion and BIS in both junior rings with our S-Stone Anastasia and S-Stone Solitaire.

In addition to raising and breeding for sale to other like-minded dairy goat herd owners, we will be striving to produce "Old World Style" cheeses, goat milk lotions and soaps. We offer cheesemaking classes from beginner to advanced that will include both demonstration and hands-on.

Thank you for your interest in our herd. We hope you enjoy your virtual visit. Feel
free to contact us with any questions or for further information.

Standing Stone Nubians
The Butler Family
1154 Lakewood Dr.
Gallatin, Tennessee  37066

Phone: 615-461-8765

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